About Us

IT Lab Dhaka Is A Smart Web Design And Software Development Company In Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our Mission Is To Provide Web & Software Development Service To People For A Smart Business. We Are Providing Mainly IT-Based Services Such As Website Design And Development, Custom Online Software Services. We Have A Professional Expert Web Development Team Who Are Working And Experienced In Corporate Level For Several Years. All Of Our Developers Are Creative And Tactful.

IT Lab Dhaka Is The Correct Decision. We Are Guaranteed To Give Careful Concern To Our Clients. We Give Us Every Supervision At A Consistent And Reasonable Cost, With The Goal That Our Smart Clients Get Everything As Their Desire. Our Clients Can Improve Their Business Rapidly With Our Incredible Plans And A Typical Quality Site.

What We Do

Itlabdhaka is a web solutions company and providing service in the IT industry since 2017.
Our company has been providing unique web development service such as website design, website development, website customization, e-commerce solution and mobile application development.

Our Mission

Itlabdhaka is a web solutions company in Bangladesh,
offering unique website design, website development, and mobile application development service on time around the world. Our young talent and Professional are here to provide highest return on your in investment after studying your unique plan within desired time with their expertise.

Our Vision

At IT Lab Dhaka with their technological expertise and proficiency providing
that service through assemble graphic design with web template, with interactive programming with database to develop and finalize production and to come into sight as one the best IT service provider. Our company vision As a smart IT partner want to see in future, our each client will provide lead their desired platform with their e-business in the digital world.

Would You Like to Start a Project With Us?

If yes your may inform over phone about your dream project and briefly discuss what you want.